Implementing FizzBuzz with monoids in Rust

I was very impressed with the Haskell solution to FizzBuzz. The blog is now down, but here’s the Internet Archive of the page:

I asked /r/rust about implementing monoids in the Rust programming language and got help with porting the Haskell version.

Here’s the repository:

It’s mostly written by Reddit and IRC with me piecing it together until it type checked and did the same thing the Haskell program did.

Brag: it’s actually possible to write this in Rust because Monoids don’t require higher kinds.
Beat: I have to nest .op(.op()) to do several ops because of C-style syntax
Variance: I spent lots of time trying to figure out why [_, n,] didn’t type check, until [_, n, ..] just worked


One response to “Implementing FizzBuzz with monoids in Rust

  1. Hi, I love your auto switch for myriad, but today myr is not most profitable.
    So can you create a auto-switch with other qbit, skein and groestl monney ?

    best regards

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